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These are awesome. This is first most people see on their filers. These should be a staple in your Harbor Freight visits and used every time you go. Both are hand to have. If you don't find what you are looking for you can at least grab a freebie. As an added bonus, when they ring it up I don't pay tax on it either in in VA. Check the coupon for the item number - It will help you figure out which item you are actually looking for. Don't go by the value price. It is generally different from the shelf price Not all free items are created equal.

I'm not a fan of the black LED flashlight. I think the blue one is much better. Organization: These can get a little unruly and hard to organize if you let them - especially since once you know where to look you will find them everywhere. The easiest thing to do is clip any that interest you.

Sort them by expiration date in a stack by free item.

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Put a paper clip on each stack and the lot of stacks in an envelope. Toss this in your glove box. When you get new coupons add them to the bottom of the stack so the expiration dates don't get mixed up. Super coupons and the rest of the coupons printed in a grid are different at Harbor Freight than most places.

Mainly they are not restricted to a quantity of one. Each coupon will have a limit printed on it. For instance the solar panels are limited to a quantity of 3 but the 24 pack of AA's on the same page is limited to 8. So I can use one coupon to buy 3 solar sets and 8 battery packs - and get the discounted price on all of them. If I were to go over the limit I would be charged shelf price. Additionally if you bring in the whole paper you can just point to the coupon and the cashier will just scan it - and you can take the coupon back home again.

Organization: I don't cut these out. I put them in a stack in a folder. Oldest on top, newest on bottom. When I notice the coupons expire I toss the whole sheet. If I need something off that sheet I just take the whole thing with me. Cutting these out and organizing them would be a pain and a big waste of time.

I see this get used incorrectly often. A few quick pointers. They do work with with items on sale Check the expiration date before checking out Don't attempt to put it with another coupon on the same item. Don't try to use it on things they don't cover. They do work with website items not sold in stores if you call the number to order.

I know the print is small but this is what is excluded from the one I have in my hand: Cannot be used with other discount, coupon, gift cards, inside track club membership, extended service plans or any of the following: compressors, generators, tool storage or carts, welders, floor jacks, toawable ride on trencher, saw mill, predator gas powered items, open box items, in store event or parting lot sale items.

Parking lot sales are great for big ticket items. Typically I see the lowest prices on things like generators, solar panels, welders and winches etc. Consumables are a good bargain here too: sand paper, electrical tape, solder, latex gloves, paint brushes. Open box corner. Every store has an open box corner. These items can be hit or miss. Price Match!

Most people do not know that Harbor Freight will price match its website. Generally the prices are the same - but I've caught it several times where the website is cheaper. Show the cashier a print out or the item pulled up on your phone - they will give you the lower price. The Sunday paper is your best bet for finding these coupons - but did you know there are four places you should look? Dumpster dive the newspaper recycling bins! No shame in that recycling game. Just make sure the unused bits go back in the recycle bin.

Sometimes you just want the free with purchase item - but don't really need anything. What you need is the cheapest filler item you can find. This is a normal stocked item that retails for 49 cents. However they are often and by often I mean almost always on "sale" for 29 cents. It is a crazy deal by itself, but if you pair it with a free with purchase item it makes it amazing. Not only are they cheap but they are useful.

By comparison the loose 1 Phillips drill bits are 67 cents on sale - 69 cents retail. Actually, every super coupon I've read the fine print on says it can't be used on tool storage, or carts. I would've already bought one if I could've ever found one that allowed it. Super frustrating. The coupons automatically update. The cashier scans the coupons from your Android phone and you don't have to worry about collecting, saving, losing, damaging, expiration dates or forgetting to bring the coupons with you.

The app always has more variety of coupons than I have ever been able to physically collect and they don't disappear after being used. Use them over and over again until they expire! Question 1 year ago. Question 1 year ago on Step 1. I bought a set of wheels for my generador and then they are on sale with a coupon ,what can i do?

Answer 1 year ago. Im Lucky, I guess, that a store is around 3 miles away, and one of the managers is a Fellow Pinhead! Danville Pinball-Arcade. Danville, VA. Pinside member. Have the flashlight and the screwdriver. Use them frequently. The screwdriver has the best grip on it, better than any other screwdriver I own Allen, TX. I collect the flashlights throughout the year. They go to young kids who want to camp but can't afford all of the gear. It helps a lot. Charleston, SC. I definitely collect HF freebies. Laurel Springs, NJ.

Harbor Freight Free items - My Review Of Each - Are They Worth Getting? Part 1

One bowl for posts, another for wood screws, another for speed nuts, etc etc. My dad has a weird obsession with the tape measures. We have at least 5 or 6 now. Good idea I suppose I could line up the magnetic trays, on the magnetic bars, and then build something with a stack of free bars? Ashland, OH. Strangely enough I still spend several minutes looking for a working flashlight or tape measure when I need one.

Step 2: Super Coupons

Lake Forest, CA. And it seems, the coupons I carry in the car are always expired. Maricopa, AZ. They always have the latest coupon online on their ad section. Just pull up the jpeg and zoom in for them to scan it. I wonder if they will let you scan the freebie digitally as well instead of having it in hand. I am very much a "buy a quality tool once" type of guy but HF definitely has its place for certain things.

Especially one time project tools or things that quality doesn't make a difference or may be hard to screw up.

Harbor Freight Coupon Codes

Kingman, KS. Ann Arbor, MI. No I don't but it is a little bit far away from me so I'm not in the area much. Castro Valley, CA. Was the Meters for me. Then got too many of them and had to move on to Blue Flashlight. Then got too many of them, so now moved onto Magnetic Trays. Just being a consumer. Fredonia, NY. Kirkwood, MO.

Step 2: Super Coupons

The black flashlight followed by the tape measure got enough micro fiber towels at the moment. I probably passed the number on the black flash light use them day,night all the time about every 3 months scrap 3 or 4 that have half of the leds burned out,bad switches something else making them junk or just disappear all together. Nieces and nephew run off with them when they visit hunting monsters.

Due for a few more meters leave one in every pinball game i work on saves me looking for one. Still have the angle grinder i paid 14 dollars for many years ago cut bricks,stone etc the thing just keeps gong. The ball joint press that was junk broke it 1st shot.

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Are the tools the be all and end all no but when it's cheap i don't expect much i see the tools as the one trick pony product last more then two uses fine. Have a fair number of hand tools that have yet to break of fail. Tool cost keeps going up but my pay check doesn't. Pinside Moderator. Huh, I had no idea you could use both. I thought they couldn't be used in combination with other coupons. Plainfield, IN.

You can use both as I have and the one near me about a mile down the road just scans them from the booklet and leaves them there for me to use again. I always thought this, I've got some of the ones from the last mailer right here in my hand and it says they can't be used with any other discounts, I always assumed they wouldn't take it if you are using another coupon for something else. Guess I should try it next time I get something there. Belleville, MI. And about 7 tape measures and a nice collection of microfiber clothes. Go there a lot.

The coupons do say that but they never stop me from doing it, and the register software doesn't seem to care either. They should have a "coupon free" checkout line at Harbor Freight. I always seem to get stuck behind someone with a handful of coupons and it really slows the process of simply making a purchase.

And here are some tricks. So here is a trick and your wife and kids will hate you for it.

Do you Collect Harbor Freight Freebies? A Meaningless Poll. | Tools & Supplies |

Make them by your wire brush and get something free and spend less then a buck. Of coarse you buy the actual thing that cost money and let them be embarrassed. Now I think Harbor freight may have caught onto my cheap ass and I think some of the free coupons might now say with purchase of something over a certain dollar amount? One year as a gauge gift for Christmas I gave each of my son-in-laws a gift with one of every free thing from Harbor Freight. Marysville, WA. Chicago, IL. You can take pictures of the coupons and throw away the paper ones.

My local hf scans off my phone or types the number off of it. Popped my cherry today and got a freebie 4 pack of micro fibers with the other coupon purchase, piece of cake. The cashiers are all in on the system and seem to have no problem working with you to get the best deal. You figure they do this all day long. I watched a few guys in front of me checking out and they had a lot more coupons in a stack than me, going through them all trying to get the best overall price for everything.