Coupon book for child

The difficulty is finding something that can be made by the whole class all at once.

A Free Printable Coupon Book for Kids That Makes the Best Gift

Pinterest is a gold mine of ideas, but many of them are simply not practical for use in the classroom. It is one thing to help one child make a beautifully crafted gift and quite another to help a whole class of kids. It can also be tricky coming up with something that suits every family situation. March 2017 Unboxing + Exclusive Coupon – Books for Children

A coupon book is a simple idea that allows students to make a personal gift for family members. The best thing is that your students can customize these coupons to suit a variety of family members, so it is a very versatile project. Below you will find a free printable set of coupons that are easily put together. This set includes a page of coupon book covers In a variety of colors or just black and white and a page of blank coupons that kids can fill in and decorate. Each coupon has space for your kids to write in a special surprise just for their parents, siblings, and extended family.

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There is also a sheet of suggestions to help students who are stuck for ideas. I think every grandparent would love to receive a book of hugs! You might want to start by reading a story about giving a gift from the heart, such as The Gift of Nothing by Patrick McDonnell.

Does your class have any gift making sessions? Do you think you will give this project a try? Leave a comment below. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

How To Make A Homemade Coupon Book

Learn how your comment data is processed. Print as many book covers and blank coupons, as you need. Invite children to fill in the coupons. Encourage children to decorate the coupons and covers if desired.

Valentine Coupons For Kids

Cut the coupons apart, punch holes and tie with ribbon, or staple them together if you prefer. Thank you!

How to Make a Coupon Favor Book to Give to the Kids

Great article! We did these in handwritten form when our boys were young. So many possibilities…. I love it! These are so cute and thoughtful. I really try to find gifts that are clutter-free especially for stockings! Thanks Ginny! This are absolutely adorable! Thank you for filling them in for us and for sharing them for free!

Printable Christmas coupon book for kids (or anyone!)

I wish I found this post sooner. I love your blog. Hopefully, I will learn more experiences from you. Go out of Ice Cream — place and what ice cream they ordered. Our Elf on the Shelf gave those to our kids this Christmas.

Print Off a Free Mother's Day Coupon Book

They love it! We speak French, but it helps them with their English, which is good.

The graphics look fabulous! I printed them at Staples on cardboard and I used the perforated blade on my paper trimmer to make it easy for them to remove one of the coupons. The end product was very neat.