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Having a fully maintained and managed fleet means that your drivers are on the road quicker and for longer each day, meaning your productivity can be at its very best - always! View our Products and Services. LeasePlan now offers organisations running small fleets the opportunity to lease the fleets they want from one of the biggest names in leasing globally.

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  7. Before you make any decisions, there are some important factors to consider. From submitting an expense claim or FBT information to finding a supplier and reporting lost or damaged fuel cards, your drivers have one easy point of contact and all the information they need on their phones and ready to use. Enquire now. See more here.

    Avon City Ford | New & Used Vehicles | Christchurch NZ

    Are you a LeasePlan Driver? Why choose LeasePlan Our specialist staff use leading edge technology and expertise to manage your fleet efficiently and cost-effectively. Brand new or second hand? Hire purchase or lease?

    Lease Offers

    It costs what? Flexible costs are day-to-day running expenses, which go up or down depending on how many kilometres you do. Things like insurance, wof, rego, interest costs and the big one, depreciation.

    FORD Explorer Lease/Purchase Tips from a #CarBroker!

    Of course, depreciation costs are recorded as expenses against your income, so there are some tax advantages, which can vary depending on whether you operate as a business, partnership or sole trader. New or second hand?

    Vehicle Lease Options

    Given that depreciation is the biggest factor in the cost of owning a vehicle, then clearly the more you pay, the more it costs every year. But remember, an older vehicle will cost more to maintain than a brand new one. The two most common ways of financing a work truck are hire purchase or lease. Hire purchase is pretty straight forward.

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    You pay a deposit up front and monthly instalments over a set period. You own the vehicle.

    So the up front cash outlay is much less. Which option suits you best is something to discuss with your accountant. Hybrid cars and sports utility vehicles are becoming more common on New Zealand roads, and just about everywhere else in the world.

    Innovative, Tailored Solutions for Forward Thinking Businesses.

    But conspicuously absent are hybrid pickup trucks. Why is that?