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I have to use Safari. Peacock , Apr 23, Apr 24, No, I am not trying to use a Mac! I did have trouble with the coupon printing software and so I did not load it into my main work computer. Ladycat pointed out that some people use an old computer just for the coupon printing and my middle son has an old Dell and he already said he can fix it so I can use it. He said I can hook the Dell to his school printer and it will work just fine.

He is in the middle of exam preps and so I am going to wait and set it up in two weeks when he has time to help me. In the meanwhile, I am reading from the sites Ladycat suggested and also sites I found suggested here in other threads. Thank you for the tip and I will tell my son about the Safari and Firefox tips. Thank you! OK - I am reading and already have another question - I hope Ladycat is reading - I have read several places that a "rule" of couponing says do not "copy" Internet coupons.

Do not photo copy coupons you have printed off the Internet?? I don't understand? If the coupon is on the Internet, then one would have to copy it on a photocopy machine in order to use it? Or does it mean do not print one coupon off the Internet and then set that coupon in the printer and print a 2nd one? And, if that is the case Isn't that how the women on that Extreme Coupon TV show would do it? How else did they get all those coupons? Thank you. Peacock , Apr 24, Apr 25, Hello Ladycat - Thank you for the answers. I was out all day and just read this.

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I used your name on one site last night where I had to sign up. I forget which but it asked me who referred me and I said "Ladycat". I spent four hours last night trying to find coupons online and did not find a single one! I am discouraged but will not give up.

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At two sites then my computer would not allow me to download. So - I switched to an old Dell Computer and when I tried to load the software, my son said it was something that is like a "spyware" for coupons and the sites collect data from every move made on that computer?? I did not load them yet since we are going to remove my work papers out of the Dell before I try it again. Does that bother you that the software watches all the time? And, has it caused any problems? Thanks for the explanation about the copying of coupons. I understand it now.

I bet some people are scamming it and making copies they should not be making. I did not particularly like the idea of the woman on that TV show hauling off 96 bottles of Excedrine! I am reading all the tutorials from the sites you suggested.

Adware detection in Coupon Printer

And I am reading the comments and forums. I am going to start just collecting coupons from the paper and watching the regular ads at my Ingles. I did find the store "sales" for this week and that even helped. We found 5 things we regularly use on sale Once I find out what my Ingles has on sale for that week - how do I find more coupons to add to the savings?

Is that just a matter of collecting coupons over time and then hope I find one that matches? Thanks again - I really appreciate the tips. Apr 26, This is going to be a complicated reply. To continue this discussion, please ask a new question. Get answers from your peers along with millions of IT pros who visit Spiceworks. Here they are this is everything that the coupon printer uses that I have noticed so far Coupons.

JPG couponprinter[1].

Solved: McAfee Support Community - False Artemis!FFFA33B - McAfee Support Community

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Thai Pepper. Aaron This person is a verified professional. Verify your account to enable IT peers to see that you are a professional. Doesn't change the fact that it should be blocked, especially in a business! Jeff79 Dec 26, at UTC. John Dec 27, at UTC. I agree with the general consensus - I remove it when I find it as well.

Overview of Couponprinter.exe

Ken48 May 4, at UTC. Aaron wrote: Hey Jeff Do you want me to write you up a script for that? Though I can neither endorse or refute it, this blog article it does nonetheless make interesting reading. You do, of course, have the option of authoring your own independent 'uninstallation' MSI , initially based on the information in the XML file to remove the files and registry information that the original coupons printer installer put down in the first place by populating the RemoveFile and RemoveRegistry table accordingly.

If the aforementioned article is to be believed, then it's likely the XML contents will not cover everything that your 'uninstall' MSI would need to remove. However, if you use a lightweight snapshot tool e. InCntrl5 to do a before and after snapshot of the installation of the coupon printer software on a clean and isolated!

PC, you should be able to get a comprehensive listing of what needs to be removed. Once your uninstall MSI is complete, you can then run it silently through the usual methods, i. I figured it out. Hi spartacus, Good point. When I get some time I'll run a snapshot and see what other files it creates. I'll make a batch file if anyone wants it. If not, do you have a copy of that batch file?

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