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The size of the cans is probably a little on the large size but for good reason: the increased in housing size allows for the speakers to deliver a brilliantly boomy bass and bottom end which sounds fantastic in those AAA cinematic games but also when streaming music through your console. You'll have no problem listening to your teammates over game noise and sound effects and the extendable microphone does a great job of enabling your voice to cut through the maelstrom and be safely delivered to your friends. There are no extra or hidden settings or fancy doo-hickeys on this headset, but its greatness comes from that: keeping it simple works and it does everything it needs to do very well.

At a very competitive price, the Kraken Pro V2 bats well above its average, particular when compared to those that would drain your wallet. This is another reason why it remains our top pick among our favourites: when quality and value are combined in this way, it's easily the best headset to recommend.

It's got a noticeable price tag, let's say, but the SteelSeries Arctis Pro headset certainly delivers on the money you'll spend. In fact the DAC increases and augments the high-resolution sound to standout levels and is ridiculously good in its clarity and range. However, you'll need to know what you're doing and what a DAC is to make the Arctis Pro reach its full potential. The peripheral has its own OLED menu in which its features can be accessed and customised, all while giving a premium feel and finish to the headset.

This is further accentuated by the build quality and the materials used to craft - and it feels crafted - the headset. Such is the aesthetic quality of the headset, you'd have no shame in using it out of the home and for general leisure or entertainment.

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But, working with the PS4 is certainly where its main strengths are. We think this is one of the best headsets around for your PS4 and will give you flexibility and freedom to create bespoke high-quality sounds for your gaming set up. This is a whopper at first glance, but also so much more than that. It's got super transfer speeds, so is perfect for moving your save files, screenshot library and games from and to your PS4 and the enormous 4TB of storage you get means you'll easily be able to store all of the best PS4 games on there.

It's often treated kindly by retailers, too, so it's a wealth of space for not an insanely wallet-sapping amount of cash, and there's even white and black versions for you to choose something that complements your console. One of the best available going in terms of value meeting capacity. A true trade-off in external storage form if ever there was one. This is indeed at the premium end of the best PS4 hard drives available right now but this is still technically the best we've tested. This is actually an SSD solid state drive which means that everything moves faster - about 3 to 4 times faster than HDDs, generally speaking - allowing for blistering transfer speeds between your PS4 and the hard drive.

There are no moving or whirring parts in an SSD too so it'll be a silent carrier of your files, while it will also be ever so slightly more reliable than an HDD. You could look to get larger versions but the prices will quickly become a bit crippling. You'll still get a fair few games on the GB version and you'll pay for the increase in speed and efficiency. And you even take these considerations from just the UK point of view. From my country, almost all these deals have looked pretty decent so far….

EU PSN - 12 Deals of Christmas

Another poor deal. Now PC developers get the fact nobody wants a new CPU and graphics card every three months, the staying power of a good computer lasts a lot longer. When will SCEE learn? Bloodborne and Fallout 4 maybe? Haha, you could preorder for this price before release!

These sale items are a laugh. That was a mistake. Also, where is the EU Twitch app? These sales seem to be highlighting that a steam box will last just as long and provides cheaper games. A:Because the marketshare in the US region has been Microsofts for a long time, hence the extra effort to actually offer competitive deals via their Weekly Holiday deals. Its a shame that Sony becomes lazy and thinks that just because the ps4 sales are great right now they will stay that way.

Reading this and was really interested. Just is just like i was presuming for last 3, but this is only first : Shooter, and it would be much nicer if is R6 S, my doubt with COD. Two footballs would be too much, but they did it last year i think. Last deal, i really hope so, Sony, i predict Bloodborne GotY. But the consensus certainly seems to be that your customers do not like these meagre discounts that are often still more expensive than physical copies.

Why not offer older games in the sale with a bigger discount? I am certain that your customers would appreciate older games with a meaningful discount over newer games that are still more expensive than retail. Which is exactly the thing they they are never going to get.

PlayStation Store's 12 Deals of Christmas discount #12 is now live - xozasiqeby.tk

Oh, yay, Call of Duty, the slap in the face of people who actually like games. Arcade Archive? Put call of duty black ops3 on normall price. Hooooly…You people are such crybabies… Sony has been releasing nothing but triple A titles over the last 19 days and all you do is cry and whine. Take Assassins creed syndicate as the example. All the above are more than this.

Luna's Howl: An ode to one of Destiny's most heartbreaking lore entries

Even MW2 is bloody expensive to this day. I wish all you whiners would get lost. Sony have stats and can see how popular a deal was. None of those prices are advertised as sales though, are they?

Welcome to The 12 Deals of Christmas on PlayStation Store

They are just standard retail price. Or he just likes to ignore everyone posting anything on any of his blogs, which is great PR. Did you miss that Amazon magically lowered the price from morning to afternoon? They do this all the time, so why shoild they call it a sale when they can just alter the price in line with the competiton?

Prices fluctuate in retail all the time, and the PS store occasionally lowers prices slightly without calling it a sale…. Why complain? In the hope that someone actually listens and to make our feelings known. They will probably ignore it as usual, but is lying back and accepting it really any better?

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But come on, Sony! Think a little about us gamers. Last year I bought Madden in the deals, not because I absolutely wanted it, but I was interested in a decent american football game and the deal was Most of us wouldnt renew but they have us by the balls because its required for online play on PS4 even though they dont intend to provide good servers on their biggest games like uncharted 4. Sadly thats just how this gen will be. All rights reserved.

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  5. For more info or to change settings, click here. Log in to comment Log in. Posted 18 December Reddit Pinterest Email. Find out more. Most read posts. Introducing new additions to the PlayStation Hits line-up. Luna's Howl: An ode to one of Destiny's most heartbreaking lore entries. React to this post. How Vacation Simulator's ultra-realistic water tech helped create the comedic holiday sequel. Show latest first Show oldest first Show most liked first. I feel like this comment would be better placed in an Activision blog.

    Show more replies 5. Show more replies 1. Merry Christmas dude. They started so well, went downhill after the 3rd sale…. Both is multiplayer focussed shooting.