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Our goal is to create the US sports trip that gets you fired up. Best mates or party of twenty, all itineraries are custom built to get you in the game. Start Planning. Call Us. Contact Us.

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Custom England Tours Describe your dream vacation to England. They compete to plan your custom trip.

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Book the trip when you are satisfied. Sample Itineraries You can have any trip tailor-made for your private travel.

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And with private tours Read more This is a customizable tour. It's simply a starting point for inspiration and ideas. Each trip is personalized uniquely for you, based on what you want, for your private travel. Soccer, or more widely known as football in most parts of the world, cuts across the tapestry of English life. On this handcrafted 9-day tour, you intimately experience its drama Brush off the tuxedo, travel at high speeds, and journey into the world of London.

James Bond travels in style, and this James Bond tour of England celebrates his glamorous England's World Heritage Sites evocatively represent the eras of world history: Jurassic fossils, neolithic mystery, Roman frontiers and spas, medieval pioneers, industrial Afternoon tea in luxurious hotels, spas surrounded by Georgian architecture, palaces delighting in their grandeur; it can only be England and its famous indulgence.

This day So much of England feels frozen in time, charming destinations revealing the postcard-perfect images of eclectic eras. This luxury day England tour itinerary connects these Celebrating some of the world's greatest literary figures, this unique tour takes you on a journey from Shakespeare to Samuel Johnson, Tolkien to Oscar Wilde. Discover Dickens' Southern England and Northern France are covered in the poignant reminders of the two world wars, from historic beaches to shell-battered bunkers, resonant memorials to legendary Castles evocatively dapple the English landscape.

And with this handcrafted itinerary, you don't merely visit them. You spend each night immersed in their ancient splendor, Highlights of Britain and Ireland Tour. Your custom-tailored highlights of Britain and Ireland tour takes you on a journey through the British Isles and Ireland, showing you their interconnected, yet diverse histories, Kings and queens, battles and artwork, forests and mountains, museums and pubs all fill the histories of England and Scotland.

Imagine the cobblestone streets of London, the The River Thames weaves through an elaborate patchwork of English history. Eclectically turning through the centuries, it connects royal palaces with 11th-century villages and London and Paris bask in their fame, two world-class cities that attract millions far and wide. This 9-day London and Paris private luxury tour is all about uncovering their Southern England is a treasure chest of quintessential destinations, from regal palaces to rural splendor, archaeological ruins to Georgian spas.

Every angle seems to resemble the Boutique Romantic Tour of England. England's romantic landscape is a sensual patchwork of new experiences and iconic traditions. These 12 days helps reveal it all, enveloping you in a world of spa cities, opulent Immerse yourself in the 16th-century world of Henry VIII; the monarch made legendary for his six wives and insatiable extravagance. Explore his lavish and flamboyant world on this England's ancient opulence is preserved in its palaces, castles and gardens.

A duke's indulgence lives on, the Monarchs' elegance spills through stately homes, and there's a You can see the snowcapped peak of a lingering Swiss mountain reflected in the opal lake. The Crown Jewels sparkle in the light shining through the Tower of London. The columns of England captivates with its classical tones, Shakespeare's plays echoing from outdoor theaters and opera houses revealing the world's finest.

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This handcrafted England tour of Downton Abbey Season 4 Tour. Relish the glitz, the glamour, the dazzling drama, the fairy-tale castle and fabulous Jazz Age entertainment. To truly experience Downton Abbey is to be magically drawn into Northumbria Tour of England's Wild Land. Northumbria is a land of complexity and contradiction, a strikingly remote region that hides history within its dramatically rugged landscape. Journeying into the exquisite London and Countryside of England Tour.

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Shakespearean sonnets whisper historical romances along the banks of the River Thames. Treasured artwork spans the lengths of neoclassical buildings. Charming canals wind through Sir Winston Churchill Tour of England. Perhaps no statesman has defined the last century more than Sir Winston Churchill, the hero who stitched a nation together during its most trying times.

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This unique tour of Eclectic and enchanting, the English landscape offers a wonderful paradox. Every angle is different. Each feels like the quintessential image of the country. On this unique tour Fill the camera roll as you explore Central London, gasping at all the famous monuments and painted scenes.

Yes, it's all crowded with tourists. But there's nothing more glorious than a day reveling in Central London. Wander along the charming cobblestone streets of England's illustrious old towns, reliving an ancient time through stunning cathedrals, atmospheric taverns, and side streets full of enthralling shopkeepers. Oxford combines all of this with its famous university and archaic libraries. York also reveals the remnants of Roman England, Europe's largest gothic cathedral, and the finest purveyors of cream tea and scones. The English idolize the royal family, and the aristocratic opulence of the throne can be discovered all over the country.

So I thought I would share that here. For our purposes here, I will assume this is fixed; you have a couple days free in the middle of a family or work trip. So, with your weekend in mind, I start with the master schedule of all the league and cups. What is happening that weekend?

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  5. For this, I turn to the various websites with schedules:. Important note: In England, the home team is listed first! Again, I assume this is pretty well fixed.

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    And now I have a helpful map on my English Soccer Clubs Page , showing all the top five leagues in the country. With the fixtures list and this map, I have a list of all the games fairly close to where I will be. For many folks, this means big clubs playing each other, the same ones you see on NBC all the time. So I search for the visiting team in Google Maps, as well.

    For example, when one person asked for help, I realized Bury was playing Wigan, and — who knew? Speaking of rivalries, I also open up a window for Wikipedia , so I can search up each team. There, I look for the following:.